Monday, October 19, 2009

What? No WeeFee in Italy?

Seriously... it is a law... there are no wifi spots or places that offer it in all of Italy!  So I am on a rented computer right now, and the keys are all in different places.

I am in Roma.  It is cool here.  I have not yet seen the coliseum, but did see Vatican City, though I did not go inside.  I have a 3 days unlimited pass for the busses and metro, so like to just get on random busses or trains and see where I end up.  Today I ended up outside of Vatican City, so I had lunch at a street cafe.  I had red wine, pruscittio, genoa, bread, then coffee and tarimasu.  Yum.

I am staying at the nicest place!!!  It is a little "bed and breakfast" run by a family called the Morellis, so I just call the place Morelli's.  It is not a bed and breakfast at all though.  The Morellis dont even live there.  Its like an apartment on the 8th floor of a building.  It is an old building, and an old apartment, but very well upkept, and very very clean.  I have my own room, with two twin beds.  I may sleep in the other one tonight.  Call me crazy.  There are only 3 rooms there, with 2 shared bathrooms and a shared kitchen.  I think there is another couple in one room, but it is seriously like having the place to myself. The door to my room uses an old skeleton key, which I find cool.

All elevators in Europe are the old kind with a door you open, that is wrought iron.  They are small and creeky.  When going up to the hostel in Firenze, and that girl Katie and I both got in an elevator, and both had backpacks on, and it was so funny.  we could not turn around to get out and were shuffeling making tiny little steps to both go around in a circle so one of us could get out.  Hard to explain, but was funny.

It gets very cold at night and in the mornings in Italy.  I am considering buying some gloves.


  1. It's cold here, Tori! Buy the gloves - but bring them BACK with you!

    Ciao, bella!

  2. I am soooo jealous! Enjoy! EMR



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