Friday, October 30, 2009

To blog, or not to blog

That IS the question I've pondered.  Now that I am back in the U.S., and therefore my life is not nearly as interesting as it was in Europe, I've been trying to decide if I should continue this blog.  On the one hand, many people have requested that I do (I'm truly flattered).  But on the other hand, it does seem a bit pretentious (and I've been told it would be "stuck up").

Joss and I discussed it at length tonight, and have concluded that in order for it to be acceptable to continue, there must be some benefit to both me and readers.  We then discussed the purpose of creating the blog in the first place, and concluded this:

In an effort to inspire myself to get out, see things, try things, have fun, live life, and celebrate as often as possible, I am going to aim to try/see/experience at least one new thing each week, and then blog about it.  I will surely throw in silly little stories too, as they happen, but basically my goal is to remember, practice, and spread the importance of living life now, enjoying what's important, doing things instead of wishing, and seeking new and interesting things in everyday life.  So, that's what I'm hoping to do, and hope that you might even be inspired to do something that you say you wish you could do. 

We then laughed about how stupid we were, and decided to go see the movie "The Hangover" at the $1 theatre.  It was freakin hilarious!!!!  James went too, and seemed to enjoy it; He's such a good baby.

If you continue to follow me, and have not already signed up to "follow" please do. It excites me to see my list grow. Pathetic, I know, but I take happy thoughts from any place I can get them. I'm still riding the wave of merriment left over from my Europe trip, and plan to for as long as I can, so forgive my geekiness.

Also, if you have any adventures to share, please do! You can post them in a "comment" here, or just email me your story and/or pics and I'll gladly post it for you.

Before I sign off for the night, a few random facts:

  • Tomorrow is Halloween.  James is going to be a lobster.  Joss and Dom were trying to decide on his costume and Joss argued "He has to be food!"  I love her; she's such a nut!

  • Tomorrow my Uncle Joe is coming to visit me from West Virginia.  He's super cool, and is bringing his dog, "Little Shit."

  • Next weekend Neil and Al will be coming up from Florida!  Yippeeeeee!  I can't wait to see them, and they are both so eager to see the baby.

  • My brother and I devised what we called "the evil plan" to get the family together for Thanksgiving, and it turns out Neil, Don, and Jeannie will all becoming up from Florida to join me and the kids at my house for wine, food, and loud Italian talk!  Everyone is welcome, so if you want to stop by, please do.  Seriously!  No, seriously... I'd love it!!!!!  5 Donlora Court, any time between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.  Official dinner will probably begin around 2, but we'll surely be pickin' all night.

  • The gals and I went to lunch early this week, and on the way there, spoted a blimp (no, not me, smartass...the kind in the sky).  Not super exciting, but something you don't see every day.

  • There are a few cute videos of James in his walker for the first time here and here.  I especially love the first one where he is petting the cat. 

Lastly, here is a pic of my posse (left to right, Vickie, Cat and Donner).  These three women are incredible, and I love each of them!

I'll have pics of the little lobster and my Uncle Joe tomorrow. 

Do something fun this weekend!  Dress up, go trick or treating, paint a picture, get a pet goldfish, try sushi (it's really quite good), spend the day watching all three "Back To The Future" movies... anything! (Except installing Google Chrome).

Peace out.


  1. You and "stuck up" just don't go together! :o) I'll look forward to reading your at home posts. I bet the Thanksgiving one will be a blast!

    Could you not pick some better looking friends? Ha! That one's for Donna! (She wouldn't help me clean my house ya know!)

  2. I love your blog! How can a blog be stuck up? Heck, mine has tractors on it! lol Love your blog, your pictures (except for mine) and anything you have to share. Keep it coming!

  3. Q: Could I have had a MORE retarded face on when you took that picture?

    A: No. Absolutly not.

    Research conducted by Joss Inc.



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