Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random stuff

I touched the Eiffle Tower. (As I said before, I am easily amused).

I do not know how to spell Eiffle. I think I have been switching between Eiffle and Eiffel. It is probably one of those.

My last night at St. Christopher's in Paris, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud sound I am quite sure was gunshots.

I have some pictures of the beautiful flower shops that line the sidewalks. As I walked by each, the smell of the flowers was so lovely!
It's funny how different cultures have different ideas of what is attractive and what is unattractive. On the streets of Paris I met a young woman who was absolutely beautiful. In her early 20's probably, and just gorgeous. She had a huge mole on her upper lip, which actually could have been rather pretty had she plucked the 5 huge wirey hairs that were growing out of it. How can someone look at that in the mirror and not grab some tweezers is beyond me.

Did I already mention that sales tax is included in all prices? I like this idea. It should be like that everywhere. You know exactly what you are paying.

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