Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally caught up on posting

It is Sunday - 11:49 a.m. Firenze time.  Yes, I am still in Florence.  I am finally caught up on posting, and am posting this entry live.  I checked out of the hostel this morning, but am still hanging around here to use the wifi.  This hostel is great - much like St. Christophers in Paris. 

I spent yesterday at the markets.  all day.  Spent waaaayyy too much money, and am down to nothing now.  Will have to use my credit card for train rides to any other cities I go to.  I have 4 days left, and then I need to be in Venice for my flight home.  I now have way too much crap for me to be able to carry my luggage, so am thinking of options.  Option 1:  I can buy a cheap rolling suitcase and attach it to my current one, and hope that people help me  when lifting onto trains.  Option 2:  I can wait until tomorrow when the post offices are open and try to send it all home.  Option 3:  I can try to rent a car, load up my crap, and spend the next 4 days driving around, then end in Venice.  I have extra days, so am thinking I want to go to Roma, but again, am being held back by stuff. 

I sent home my chapstick during my "send it all home" whim in Nice, and have been searching for one ever since.  My lips are chapped, and the red spots on my face have not faded in the least.  I hope they are not the start of those European moles that sprout hairs like that chick I saw in France.

oh, I grabbed some girl's ass yesterday in the street market.  I totally didn't mean to (yeah, right...)  The vendors are all set up in the street, and it's crowded and hard to get around, so I had a backpack on, with 2 other bags hanging from it, and was therefore clumsier than usual when walking around, and when trying to get by some people, I knocked over this guy's entire table of rings.  As a reflex, I immediately tried to grab what I could.  My left hand grabbed a corner of a ring box, and my right hand grabbed some girl's butt.  I immediately started apologizing to everyone.  The girl didn't seem to mind the incident nearly as much as the guy.

I am a bit sad today.  I find Italy a little depressing.  I am leaving Florence as soon as I finish this post.  I don't know where I am going, or how I am getting there, but I need to find surroundings that affect me more positively.

I HAVE been reading the comments and emails everyone sends, and even though I've not responded directly (only because of lack of time/internet) I really look forward to hearing from everyone at home when I do get online, and thank you all.

OK, enough of Firenze.  I'll let you know where I end up.


  1. Hey there, Tori -

    When I think of Italy, I think of strains of violin music...which can be depressing on a good day. Cheer up! Your spots won't turn to hairy moles! Just repeat that a lot. Sounds like you had a "Lucy" scene at the market. You have fulfilled your clumsy moment d'trip moment, now you can keep on keepin' on!

    Dance on, girliefriend...miss you!

  2. I love Italy and esp. Florence, but there have also been a lot of famous people's suicides in that city, so you're definitely picking up on the sad vibe. I've enjoyed sharing this journey vicariously!

  3. Wow, David, that's interesting. I will google it. What did you like about Florence?



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