Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coffee & Waterloopein Market

I just finished browsing the Street Market, where I purchased a pair of much too expensive, yet super cute Doc Martin shoes.  I didn't find anything for James, so I need to find a toystore today.  I am now at a very comfortable coffeeshop.  I just finished a piece of cheesecake, which surprisingly was not as good as it looked.  I guess cheescake is more of a New York thing.  It was good though.  I am having a cup of Starbucks tasting coffee, and enjoying using the coffee shop's Wifi.  They offer free WiFi to customers, and print the access code for it on your receipt. 

I am feeling good today which surprises me after all the walking I did yesterday.  I even chose to walk the 6 blocks from the tram station to the Market rather than hopping on the Metro.  Speaking of the metro, iPhone users may be interested to know that I found what has got to be one of the most useful iPhone apps for travelling.  It's called "metro" and here is how it works:  You pick the city you are in from a HUGE list of available cities.  You put in the street you are currently on, and the street or landmark you want to go to, and it gives you step-by-step directions on which subway/tram/train to take to get there.  It's great! 

I've decided to stay the night in Amsterdam and leave for Belgium first thing in the morning.  I have already paid for the night here, and arriving in Brussels at night might be difficult since I haven't picked a hostel for my stay there yet.  Also, since there is not much I want to see there, I could possibly arrive in Brussels in the morning, look around for the day, and take a nighttime train to Paris.

Oh, did I mention there is a casino a few blocks from the hostel?  I might check that out tonight.

That's all for now.  Be sure to laugh today!!


  1. Oooooh, what gorgeous elephants! I'm glad you've had a good day today. We were just talking about you at lunch, hoping you had enough pain meds w/you!

    You sound so European! The Metro - is that a train? I'm from Yadkinville, you know. Cows, plows, that stuff.




  2. Hey Girlfriend! What gorgeous, I mean gorgeous beautiful characteristic elephants. The pictures are awesome. Miss you sooooo much but sooooo glad I am living vicariously through you. Your capture of your adventure through blogging is quite remarkable. I can almost taste the sandwiches and hear the voices.

  3. Yes, you are already sounding European. Hey, remember to order a Royale with Cheese!!!



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