Sunday, October 18, 2009

I took a wrong turn at Genoa

Genoa: Love the salami – the town…not so much. I forgot to write about my stop in Genoa yesterday. I decided to stop there from Nice, since it was on the way to Cinqua Terra. I leave the train station, and go right. Let this be a lesson – if you ever go to Genoa, go left. I ended up in this bad part of town, similar to south providence. For the first time on this trip I was uncomfortable on a safety level. I walked around quite a bit, and tried to find a place to stay. I didn’t find anything, and feeling uneasy about my surroundings, decided to get on a bus – any bus – and go somewhere that looked better. This guy who was going to show me where the bus stop is, was leading me the wrong way, so I told him I was all set, and went into a store where a man and woman were working. I think they could tell why I was in there. They told me the correct way to a bus stop, and I got on the bus and went back to the train station.

I was going to try the whole thing again, this time going left, but was sort of turned off to Genoa, and just came ahead to Montorosso. That is why I got here so late last night and was not able to get a room. Bt that worked out well anyway.

My new friends here in Montorosso tell me that Genoa is a great city, so I am sure there is something good hiding to the left.

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