Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 4 (right??) - Paris

Arrival platform at train station

This is the metro station for my new home.  (the new Leidspleins for you da-Damians)

I go to my hostel to check in (it's called Saint Christopher's) and the clerks are just changing shifts, so they asked me to have a drink in the bar and come back in a minute or two.  I say "sure."  So I go sit at the bar, and look down in front of me, and notice that apparently this is my seat at the bar!!! 

Wow.  I was impressed.  I only made the reservation a few hours beforehand. 


My Paris home - St. Christoper Hostel.  It's great here!  New building, super clean, lots of stuff to do (bars, restaurant, internet cafe, common room, etc.) huge bathrooms, roomy, comfy beds, large lockers, etc.  I met a few women in my dorm.  This one is all female (The Pig was mixed).  I was rooming with a very sweet 18 year old from Canada named Sonia, a nice mother/daughter team (Maryanne and Lisal) from Australlia, and a couple of other girls I did not get to know, as I just saw them briefly.  I have found several other women travelling Europe alone.  Today I move to a private room, as the dorms were all booked for tonight (Saturday).  I had to pay for both beds in the room, so it's like 95euro ($150) but is still a LOT cheaper than any hotel.  I also get free wifi  here. 

This is a little boutique I found near my Metro stop (Crimee).  It is run by an asian mother/daughter team (I think).  I bought several things here.  Their prices were good!   I got 8 things (tops, skirts, etc.) for about 120 euro.  It will be neat to have clothes that I bought in Paris.  I am still looking for second hand shops


  1. Havent you ever heard of the BELGIAN waffle!!! Super secret stuff

  2. It's always nice to have a reserved seat at the bar! Can't wait to see the clothes that you bring back.

  3. I think that could have been shared with Vickie Bovender eh? lol How cool will it be when somebody here says "I love your skirt" and you reply "oh this, yea, I bought it in Paris" :)



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