Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day ? Thursday 10/15/2009

I've lost track of days. I know I have a week left. It feels like the end of my trip, even though I still have almost half left. I spent more time than I wanted to in Paris, and again in Nice, so now I feel it's over and I can only go one or two more places. I will prove that wrong though. I am on the train to Italy now, and will go more places in Italy that I originally planned. I am strongly considering going down to pompeii, and also while in that area finding the cousins I have that live down there and trying to explain to them that we are related, and how, although I speak no Italian.

I have met several people so far. No Europeans, though... all fellow travellers. I had a long conversation with a guy from Chicago while standing in line for my ticket out of France. There is some sort of strike going on, so the lines for international tickets have been very long. I met a young girl who was in the hostel (the Pink Lady's) this morning when I woke up. I liked her a lot, and we had breakfast together. Just now, waitng for the train to Ventimiglia (Italy) I shared my bread, cheese and olives with a girl from Australlia.

This train is traveling along the coastline - southern France into Italy. The sights are so awesomely beautiful. Each more amazing than the last.
I woke up with red spots on my face this morning. I don't know what they are. There are like 4 or 5 of them. Hopefully nothing in the Pink Lady's bed attacked me.
The train just stopped to let people off. We are in Monoco. I considered getting off for a bit, but I am eager to get into Italy.
I lost another item... my water bottle. I am glad that only small, unimportant items are staying behind. Things that I don't really mind losing, and I think of it as leaving my trail.

I wanted to get back by my favorite bakery in Nice before leaving today, but they were closed. I did go to the post office, though, and bought 2 more of those large postage paid boxes like I got in Paris. I put a ton of stuff in them and sent it all home. My backpack is now light enough for me to carry on my back, but one of the straps broke, so I am wheeling it around. When I get settled somewhere in Italy today, I will see if I can fix it somehow. I really hope those boxes get home OK. They have all of my purchases, and cost a bunch. I was beginning to feel too burdened by my stuff though... like I could not go too many places, and my focus was too much on what to do with my stuff. I feel freed having sent most of it home.


  1. Hey, girlie! Loving your day-by-day posts! Those spots - I'm thinking you could be allergic to olives? :)

    Stretch before you walk - sounds like you have shin splints, maybe. Are you walking a lot of hilly streets? Are you wearing WALKING shoes instead of something cute? :) I miss you! Keep on dancing...

  2. you know, i still havent gotten your package, are you sure you sent it to my new address?



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