Friday, October 16, 2009

Montorosso - It's a fairy tale!

friday October 16, 919a
sorry for any errors, no time to spellcheck or check typing.

I arrived in Montorosso last night to find the entire twn shut down. It is magically beautiful here, and to walk the streets alone, the the quite of the sleeping town, unbelieveable. I came upon a local, and asked if he knew where I could find a room. He made a phone call to a guy name Peppe, who runs a local hotel. Peppe was at a party on te other side of th train station, but told me to come meet him there, and when the party was over, he would walk back with me and get me a room.

I went to the party to find a room full of jovial locals. they were all so welcoming, and loud. It was like being around my old italian family again. I tlaked with several locals. they were all there celebrating the birthdays of three locals. I also talked with woman who found a boyfriend here, and them moved here from san francisco. she told me I should stay in town, as there is a 70's party tonight. I may. I asked her what it is like to live here, the town is surreal. she said it is magical. I had a couple of drinks and partied with the locals. What a way to be welcomed to the town!

I want to move here.
there is almost no internet here, so I cannot upload to the blog. I am really having to upload in spurts now, and will try to get more pics up when I get to florence. If I get there. I may stay in Montorosso forever.

The flash on my camera broke, so I can only tak pictres during th day, or when its light. which it is now, so I am off to explre beatiful montorosso.

I just found an internet cafe, so can upload a bit.  I have to pay by minute here.  I came down from my room at Peppe's and found a sweet italian woman, who made me a huge cup of cappucino.  Luckily, while sipping it, I realized I did not have my passport. I told the woman that Peppe had it for photocopy and I cannot find.  She found it for me.  Too bad... I thought I would be forced to stay here. 

I left the old woman's kitchen and started walking around the town.  It's like a labyrinth, and so beautiful and charming.  It was quiet, and I the only one walking around.  All at once, seriously, the town was bustling all around me.  People going about their day everywhere... even from the quiet deserted street that I just came from.  It was magical.

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  1. Vik, I say if you want to move there, do it!!



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