Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday in Firenze

I woke up and had breakfast at the hostel. It got very cold here last night and I had to search the room for a blanket. It is very cold in the nights and early mornings and then warms up quite a bit.

I headed for the market, which is where I am now, and have been for hours. My feet hurt. It is a street market with tons of Italian leather goods, and glass stuff, among other stuff… Oh, and scarves.. Millions of them. I bought a few things. It is a haggling type market, so I’ve done well and had fun.

I went to this little convenience store and bought a box of wine (the shape of a quart of milk), then came to this little plaza area to sit down and take a break with my vino. So I am sitting here on the ground, drinking wine from a box, like the high-class American that I am, and along come Katie, Daven and Oliver (people I met last night on the train, and followed to their hostel only to find it was full, so I then went on to find my own hostel.) They each had boxes of wine too, and they sat with me for a bit and we chatted about or days. Katie told me where to find the knockoff Prada bags, which I have been looking for.

So, I am off to buy black market goods, with my box of wine.

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