Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 3 - Blrlooooosallays

That's how they say "Brussels" here...where I am... in Brussels.  OK, so here's what's happened since I left off last night.

Internet in my room kept cutting out so I was not able to upload my post and pictures.  I went to sleep.  A few hours later some new roomates come crashing in, putting on the lights, being very loud and rude.  Although it's very out of character, this did not anger me.    Seriously... I didn't even swear at them.  So they are complaining that some dude is in their bed, and they go get the clerk who comes in and they are talking, and waking everyone up, and not making any effort at all to try not to disturb people (it's like 1 or 2 a.m.) which I cannot understand at all, how people can be so rude.  I would not even pack up my things when I wanted to because the two girls in the next bunk were lying there, not even sleeping, but I still didn't want to disturb them.  So anyway, I figure these loud jerks will get theirs in the morning.  I went to sleep.

This morning I woke around 8:30, and was eager to get going, since I am heading out of Amsterdam today.  I look over at the bunk of the two kind, quiet girls, and they are already gone (I didn't hear a peep!) so I proceeded to pack my thing at my own pace, not trying to be quiet (not trying to be loud either, that would be just assholeish).  Soon the whole room was up but no one said anything.  I guess some cultures are just jerks.  Oh, maybe they are from Belgium... I found out today that the Belgineese (or is it Bolognas?) are not the kindest of people.

Anyway.... I pack up, get a quick bowl of corn flakes from the common room, and head out, to Leidespleins to catch the tram to Central, to catch the Rail to Brussels.  Again I'm impressed with the ease of the transportation system, asI leisurely meander my way to Central, get a ticket for Blrlooooosallays and go sit on the platform, which to my disappointment was 13a and not 9 3/4, and talk to the old couple next to me.  Before I know it the train is there.  I get on, fall asleep, yada yada, I'm in Brussels. 

I figured I would go ahead and get my ticket to Paris before leaving the station, and it's a good thing I did, because I didn't know this, but that clerk closes at 18:30 (yeah, I hate this 24 hour time.  I'm forever counting).  So I buy my ticket for Paris for 84 euros.  It leaves at 21:30 (9:30) tonight.  So... I have 8 hours to walk around.  I put my suitcase in a locker in the station for 3 euro, and I take a bus to a random place that looks interesting and get off. 

Unlike Amsterdam, not everyone here speaks English.  In fact, they speak French (I didn't know that).  So, being fluent as I am, I have begun saying "bon jour" and "merci" to every shop keeper as I come and go.  Apparently it's an insult if you do not do this.  At first I was just saying "Hi" and "thank you" because, well, I speak English... but then I realized I'm sposta try to speak French.  Ooops :)

The people are not as nice here as they are in Amsterdam.  Perhaps they are on to something with that legalized pot thing.  (Which reminds me... I never did make it to the red light district.  Not a huge disappointment but would have been interesting to see.)

Oh darn... I only have about 20 minutes left on my laptop battery, so I will finish up here and put a few pictures up, then pick up again when I am in Paris.  How cool is Paris.  I still can't believe I am here.  In Brussels.

OK, so I've been looking everywhere for something for James.  I didn't end up getting him anything in Amsterdam... I really looked but couldn't find anything :(  So I really want to get him something here but again cannot find anything.  I did get a box of Belgian chocolates for my beautiful daughter.  (Oh, that reminds me... Joss, I sent a package from Amsterdam to your house.  YOU CANNOT HAVE THE SHOES (you wouldn't like them anyway).  But the little thing in the bag is yours, and there are also some Amsterdam sweets from the grocery store... help yourself.  Email me when you get the package please.)  It cost me 20euro ($30) to send home those shoes that were already too expensive.  That's OK though... Neil says I'm worth it.  :)

OK, where was I?  So I am walking around Brussels, and I stop to get a gyro.  It was good.  I've been looking for internet since I got here.  Not everyone has it like they do in Amsterdam (or 'da Dam') as I like to call it.  Just kidding, I don't call it that... OK, actually I just made that up.  I digress.  I come into this coffee shop because they have delicious looking eclairs in the window, order a cup of coffee and an eclair, and decide to turn on my laptop and create a blog entry even if I cannot post it now because of no internet.  To my surprise, I actually picked up a connection, so here I am.  In Brussels.  At Cafe Liegeois. 

OK, gotta run so I'll have enough battery to find a room in Paris.  Love you all.  Your mission today:  Tell someone you love them.  I love all of you!

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  1. April,is it you?
    I was just sitting here singing to myself
    April in Paris
    Love the Stepdad



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