Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last 3 blog entries that never got uploaded

Sunday – train from Firenze to Roma

I am going to Roma. I bought a larger rolling suitcase, put most of my stuff in it, and am rolling that while wearing the backpack. The solution works fine, and I will be able to manage my stuff until I go home this way, but will still probably see about mailing it home tomorrow. It is so easy to spend a lot of money without realizing it here, with the exchange rate being so crappy. The suitcase I bought was e32, which doesn’t sound bad, but equals about $48. Still not terrible, but had I thought about it a second longer, I would have opted to find a cute pink one that I would use again in the future.

I don’t understand why, but Florence depressed me. I did enjoy the shopping, but other than that, it was not a good vibe. I think Roma will be better. I cried in the train station, and a woman from Oregon or one of those other nobody-lives-there states gave me a hug. I was going to try to call Joss or Neil, but I could not figure out how to work the international payphones. Once I got my ticket to Roma, re-packed my bags, and sat for a few minutes, I felt better. I guess I am just homesick. I am now sitting on the train, which will be leaving Firenze in about 6 minutes. The trip to Roma is about an hour and a half. I already booked a hostel, and splurged for a private room. I got it for 2 nights for a total of e78. I may stay there 3 nights, and then head right to Venice on Wednesday, so that I will be there on Thursday for my flight home. The alternate plan is heading to Bologna before Venice. I am definitely glad that I did not book any trains or rooms ahead of time. Not having the freedom to go wherever, and whenever, definitely would have sucked.

One of my 4 packages has made it home safely (the one mailed from Paris). Still worrying about the first one though, as it was mailed days before the others, and has my super cute doc martin shoes in it.

All is well again

I am in Roma. I like it here. Have not seen anything yet, other than the area near my room, but I like it. Right now I am sitting in the Laundromat. I got money from the ATM last night, got a nice room, and I feel better. I don’t know what about Florence depressed me, but I was not happy there. Other than the shopping, which was amazing, I didn’t like it.

After putting my clothes in the washer, I took a walk to find a grocery store. I love going to the grocery stores because it’s interesting, and cheap. I usually get a few drinks and snacks to have in my room. I got a bottle of milk and some cakey things for breakfast. It was yummy. And a bag of little biscotti to keep in the room, or for snacks on the train. Things are very cheap here at the grocery store. A huge bottle of olive oil is like 2-3euro. There are so many kinds of cookies and snacks that are cheap and look really good, and I’d like to bring a bunch home for everyone to try, but I cannot carry it all. Also, I don’t know what I am allowed to bring back into the USA. Hopefully they don’t have a limit on purses!!! If anyone happens to know, please email me and tell me. Also, wine is like 2-3 euro a bottle!!!! I am surprised there are not more winos. Oh, and if anyone knows how many bags you can bring on United Airlines, please email me and tell me that too. It is so rare I get internet, I have been forgetting to look these things up when I do get online. If you know, send it to Thanks.

Oh, and also during my walk to the supermarket, I found more street vendors, and picked up a Gucci bag for e10. I am a hard-core negotiator, and got a great price. I really need to stop spending money, and don’t need any more bags, but who can turn down a Gucci for 10 euro???? Seriously.

After doing my laundry, I will go back to my room and drop it off. I think I am going to stay here until Wednesday night when I will go to Venice. I like it here a lot, and my room is great. It is owned by the Morelli's and is small, and old, and on the 8th floor. It is very well kept up, newly painted, super clean, quiet – there are only 3 rooms there total, plus a kitchen and 2 bathrooms that are shared. I have not yet seen anyone else there. I went to bed at about 8 p.m. last night, and slept right through to about 9 this morning. I guess I was really beat.

My feet have taken a beating and will need a serious pedicure when I get home. I realize now that every morning, when I start walking, I get this pain in my back and ass, and it gets quite painful, but if I just keep walking, it eventually goes away. Of course the drugs really help too, but overall I am really surprised at how much I’ve been able to get around. I am swollen though. My rings that were on my right hand had to go back on my left (which is a bit smaller).
I am relieved by the thought of staying here for 3 days. Moving often is very stressful. I will probably just poke around the city today, and plan to see the Coliseum and other things tomorrow. I also need to find a post office to see if I can send some of this crap home. Hey, I found a chap stick while digging through my crap! Yay.

Off route

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 1:06 p.m.

Well, I thought I was getting 0n the train to Venice… turns out I am Naples-bound. Which is quite far from Venice! I will be in Naples (Napoli) in just over an hour, and then have a few minutes to explain the situati0on, hope I don’t have to p-ay for another ticket, and get on the train to Venice. I will hopefully be in Venice by 10 p.m.

Had this not been the day before my flight home, I would have taken this as a good reason to look around Naples. If I do end up having to buy a ticket, maybe I will see if there is a way I can spend a few hours there. Not sure how often their trains leave. It is like 200 degrees in these trains, and there is no little air spout like you have on an airplane. I see all these people with winter coats and such on, and I don’t understand how they are not dying.

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