Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday in Ventimiglia

I just got off the train in Ventimiglia, and am at a cafe having cappucino.  Italy is very different from France, even though where I am is only about an hour away from Nice. 

I tried to find the address for my cousins in southern italy, and cannot find them on  my netbook.  I cannot even remember their last name now, and it's disappointing me.  If I am meant to go there, it will come to me I guess.  I think I will spend a few hours here in Ventimiglia, and then move on.  It's a very small town here.  Quiet.  Nice.

Sorry I am not putting many pics lately.  Tiime is short, and having the right combination of free time, internet connection, and laptop power is extremely uncommon. 

Off to explore Ventimiglia. 


  1. I'm loving all of your posts. Can't wait to see pictures when you return. I've never heard of Ventimiglia. I'll have to google it.




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