Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lots more pictures


My laundry adventure
I would love to live in one of these


This one is for Joss - I would NOT leave my baby like that.

I don't remember where this was (I hate that my memory is so bad) but this dude was playing music, and I believe I may have a short video of it. 

This is like the fifth time I've seen this... People holding their kids over sewers to pee.

tilt your head to the left.

OK, you can untilt it now.

Wouldn't this be a great logo, if we used Nice as an adjective and not a noun here?

Cute old men who loved me taking thier picture.

Chagall museum (Museum Chagall for you French)

OMG!!!!!  Is that Mr. Pitt??????

These are olive trees

I picked an olive.  they taste TERRIBLE!!  Very bitter. 

Ahhhh, that's better

OK, gotta run now.  Will try to post more pics later.


  1. Love the pictures -- the beach is awesome!

  2. Tori -

    Glad to see you're up and moving after the party night! Thought we'd lost you to that little city/town for a minute there. Glad you have photos of the rocky beach - wish I could be there with ya! See if you can get the old guys to dance, girlie! Love you -- be safe.

  3. mom, all i'm saying is you better find a way to get me one of those pastry things. and all this time i've been asuming ollie is with dave because he hasnt been at your house, but i figured i should probably ask

  4. Hhehehehe Joss, I miss you so much!!!! Thanks for the giggle - I am blue today. Yes, Dave has Ollie. Are you feeding GirlDuck? I dunno if I can bring you food - I wish I could - I would go back to Nice and bring you the puffy things from Brouche's or whatever it's called... but I am bringing you something you will LOVE. I miss James and you SO much :(

  5. Kids pee on the side of the road?! What is that place, Ygonda?! That is so nasty!

    Love the pics of the food! ;)

    Glad you are having a great time. Please keep the pics coming!

  6. Hahahaha, Jeannie, i know, right???



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