Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wasted days?

I feel like I wasted today. I am now in the train station (again…or still) at La Spezia, waiting for my train to Florence, which will be here in about 40 minutes. Here is what I did today?

1. Woke up in Montorosso

2. Looked around

3. Ate

4. Picked stones from the beach

5. Took the train to Vernazza

6. Looked around for like 10 minutes

7. Too the train to LaSpezia

8. Looked from the train station and realized there is nothing here.

9. Bought a ticket to Florence

So is the day wasted or not? I cannot tell. They are so precious no, down to the last few, but I did see a lot today, even though it was not a lot of good stuff. Actually the beauty of Montorosso made up for it all.

Again there is no wifi (or weefee, as they say in France) here, so I still cannot book a hostel. When I get to Firenze (Florence) I am sure I will find wifi, and then will find a hostel that looks good, and book it for 2 nights, and RELAX and walk around without my crap. My shoulders are killing me, and I am not having a lot of fun, so I have to change things immediately. I am guessing that my posts have reflected that – being fun and silly in the beginning, and showing less enthusiasm lately. It is extremely tiring doing this. It’s awesome though, and I certainly recommend that everyone pick up and go to Europe. Not all at once though... that would be kinda freaky. But anyway, I think staying in Firenze for a minimum of 2 days will put things back into a more positive and fun mode.

I broke down and bought a cheap watch for e5. It was way overpriced, but I got tired of not knowing the time. I also had to buy a corkscrew/bottle opener to open a Smirnoff ice I bought at the Monoprix in Nice. Monoprix is their Food Lion, or Stop & Shop.

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