Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Packing 101

I had a hard time knowing deciding what to pack before I left for Europe. I did not know what I would need, and what I wouldn't. I think I did a pretty good job. Here are my observations:

Stuff I am REALLY glad I brought:
  • Netbook!!!!
  • Baby powder
  • Plastic fork
  • Water bottle
  • Travel towel
  • Assortment of locks

Stuff I didn't need to bring:
  • Journal (Used netbook instead)
  • Language translation book

Stuff I wish I had brought:

OK, with this one comes another dumb story. I bet you all didn't know I was so talkative, did you? My mom traveled quite a bit over the years. She went on a lot of cruises, and came to visit me quite a bit, back when it was easier for her. She had this bag for her toiletries. It is black, with little flowers on it, and I remember seeing it around whenever she was at my house, or we went on a cruise together. (Neil, I'm sure you know the one) She had it every time. I have it now, and I love having it!! It smells like her.

When I was packing, I thought of bringing it, but I was trying to pack so lightly, I started with only a few things for it, and I thought it would take up too much room. I ended up with a lot of little crap that I keep throwing into a mesh bag as I move around, and every time I do, I wish I had brought Mom's bag.

That's the only thing I regret not bringing.

Have you hugged someone today??





  1. Now you know exactly what to take on your next adventure! The videos were great.

  2. I was wrong bout the water bottle huh?



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