Monday, October 12, 2009

Look for me on the cover of Vogue!!!

So, I am leaving the Louvre (this was a day or two ago, but I am just getting to posting it now) and outside of the Louvre is this awesomely beautiful area with old buildings, fountains, etc.  I find this model who is doing a photo shoot.  I took a few pics of her.  I then asked the photographer if I could get my picure taken with the model.  She said no because they are in a hurry.  I would image they have to say this or everyone would constantly disrupt them for photos. 
Anyway, I got it in my head that I was going to get my picture taken with this model.  I see nearby, and couple in maybe their 60's.  They look friendly enough, so I ask the guy if he would take my picture with the model.  He said yes.  Then I had to tell him the rest of the information - that I had already asked and they said no, so he should have the camera ready and I will run by and he can shoot it.  He gets all excited now about this game and says OK and gets into photo mode.  So I run by, stop for a second next to the model and he shoots the pic.  Unfortunately, he misses it because the camera delayed to auto focus or something. 
Now the model, the photographer and the makeup dude, or whatever this little short dude who is surely getting paid a whole lot of money to constantly pull on the model's red bow is, move to another part of the plaza.  The dude with the camera says he missed it, and we should chase her and get it again.  Of course I am game, and he is getting all into it, and says "come on, come on, we can get it" and he starts running towards her, so I do too, and i stand next to her and try to stick my head into the frame. 

Here is the bet shot he could get, although I did actually get to stand right next to her for a bit.  It's hard when you are not used to a camera I guess.  Anyway, red bow chick is like nine feet tall!!!!  I am thinking that once the editors see this proof, they will probably want to use it, so start checking your magazines and let me know when you find it!!!!

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