Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nice day in Nice

I love Nice. It's much like Da Dam, which you all probably figured out, I am a big fan of. Just in size I mean; It's much more beautiful here. I spent the entire day yesterday doing nothing. I walked around a LOT and spent hours sitting the the beach collecting little stones that I like. It is impossible to tell you in words or pictures how completely awesome the views are.

The world's best bakery is right here in Nice, and right around the corner from where I am staying! I had this creampuff chocolate thingy when I first got here, and it was absolutely holy-crap good!!! I stopped by again on my way home last night and got another, and a piece of something that looked like taramisu, but was not. I ate them both for dinner in my room.

The coffee here sucks. I am really surprised about that. I have not found a good cup yet. Will stop at the next Starbucks that I see (yes they have them here.)  They have no spenda or equal here, just sugar.  And no cream or creamer.  Just frothed milk.

I managed to catch a cold. Not sure if it is from the ice cold waters of the fountain near the Louvre, or being caught in the rain in Amsterdam, or walking around in wet clothing in Nice after rock hunting while the waves hit me. Either way, it's a European cold, so I am enjoying it. Snot and all!

The beaches here do not have sand, but all rocks. They are small-ish rocks, and tumbled round and smooth from the waves. When a big wave comes in, it moves a lot of those rocks around, and makes the most soothing noise as they hit each other. If I find myself at the beach again today, I will record this sound. Wish I had yesterday.

I have not decided if I am staying in Nice again today, or moving on to somewhere else. It's 8:44 now, and I have until 12 to decide if I am staying another night here or checking out. There is a woman just a little down the road, who runs a counter with food. She rents out rooms over that place for $17 per night. I looked at them yesterday, and may move there. They are very cramped, old, and hold several beds per room, yet there is something very appealing about them (other than the price). She has no tenants right now, so I would probably have the room to myself anyway. Though I really don't care much about that.

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  1. Tori, according to Al Hood's FB page, he is in Paris now.



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