Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well, well, well...You can never tell

Have you ever been to the website Roadside America?  Check it out!  It has stupid/interesting things to visit all over the U.S.  For example, for my RI friends, it has the big bug on 95 in Providence, as well as the new (new to me anyway) Water Fires downtown. 

I've been to a few of these places when driving out to Vegas a few years back. The huge statue of Superman, for example... and right here in NC, Corner's Folly in K-ville (which was really cool by the way).  Anyway, last night I was thinking of where I can go next - what I can find that is interesting, and I've never seen, that won't take me thousands of dollars to visit. I decided I would go to the bookstore today and try to find a book by Roadside America.

I went to Barnes & Noble today, browsed the bargain books, which I always do first, and while struggeling to hold my armful of chosen gems (including "Leonardo DaVinci", which I have an interest in learning all about after seeing the Mona Lisa, and "The Chronoicle Of World History" which I have a new interest in (yes, friends who know me well... seriously!) since seeing the Coliseum), I turned the corner of the bargain book rack and found there, staring right at me, and obviously waiting for me.... "Amazing and Unusual USA."  The cover features what I at first thought was Cadiallac Ranch (which I don't remember the location of, but have seen on the way to Vegas) and later learned is yet another piece of roadside car art called Carhenge (you Stonehenge). 

Of course I bought the book, and already have a pile of new destinations that I need to see!!!  These will make great weekend adventures -- fast and cheap!  Among my list of must sees already are the World's Largest Ball of Twine, Lizzy Borden's house in MA (I did not know that happened right there in Fall River and that it is a BED AND BREAKFAST -- that's right, you can sleep there!), and I am especially excited about the Dr. Suess National Memorial Sculpture Garden, which is in Springfield MA.  Looks like I need to take a trip back home!  I had no idea that Massachusetts had such treasures as the Mapparium (Boston), Jordan's Furniture Store and Trapeze School (Reading, MA) (how random!  I love it!), the Museum of Bad Art (Dedham).  Also, Connecticut has a really cool looking castle in East Haddam!!! 

Don't tell me the U.S. ain't got no heart!  You just gotta poke around!

Of course, I will post my photos and stories of any of these places that I get to.   Feel free to add your own destination experiences here!!!!  I will even put your photos up for you. 

Oh, last time I rode out to Vegas, we made a stop at Roswell.  It was awesome!  Just so you know.  Still trying to get the memories of alien probes suppressed!


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