Monday, September 14, 2009

Screw surgery... I'm going to Europe!

I am busy planning my European trip.  I have tons to do in the next month:  plan an itinerary, get a flight, decide where to go (these are obviously not in order), decide what to pack, learn what I need to know, and research, research, research.

I have decided to put off  my ostomy reversal until after chemo.  It was planned for tomorrow, and I decided last Friday that I would postpone it, go to Europe, have chemo, and then do the reversal (it was a busy Friday).  Putting it off for now is going to make my travels possible, and my chemo a lot easier.

The trip plans so far consist of:  a thought, an expedited passport application, a purchase of travel books, one backpack (courtesy of Microsoft Tech-Ed), a blessing from work, a home equity loan (this scares the crap out of me!!), and a list of potential destinations.  My plan is to fly into one country, with just what fits in one backpack (and perhaps a hotel reservation for just that first night), and then fly out of another country 2 weeks later.  The two weeks in between will either be an amazing adventure through Europe, or a nightmare of me alone, feeling lost, overwhelmed, stranded, and happy that I have a credit card.  I'm aiming for the first.  Either way, I am assuming this will be a life-changing experience. 

Here are some of the reactions I got from people when I told them about the trip:
   When stating I would be going alone:  "too bad you can't take someone" "maybe you will meet someone" "you're going ALONE?"

 When admitting that I am not making any specific plans or reservations, and am taking only one backpack:  "huh?" "why?" "are you sure you wanna do that?" "you should at least know where you are going and when, and where you will be staying" (this last one kinda confused me.)

Of course there were a couple of people who thought the whole idea sounded exciting and amazingly fun.

Regardless, this is what I am doing, and my next entry will tell why.  (Right now I have to get back to planning), 

My hope is to post daily blogs while there, with pictures and experiences of the day, so be sure to subscribe, or "follow", or whatever they call it here.  I'll try to keep it interesting. although the entries leading up to the trip will surely be somewhat boring.  Like this one.

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