Friday, February 12, 2010

Some pictures from the cruise

Me and Joss at the airport.  We were trying to avoid airport security.Apparently our disguises were not sufficient, as airport security scoped us out for about 10 minutes before finally coming over and asking what was up.

Me and Joss on the bus from the airport to the port.  We were sitting right in front of a man that I dubbed "snot man" because of the disgusting snorting snot sounds he kept making.  I offered him a kleenix, but he didn't get the hint, and kept right on  a-snotting.   Later we saw him in the elevator and he was chewing with his mouth open too!  Yuck!

A  small portion of the HUGE ship.

 Actually, it's not really THAT big:

The Promenade!!  A happenin spot every night

Who does this chick think she is??

More of the royal promenade

Joss with the WCSR mascot.  Wow, some law firms are really free with vacation time.  Hey, does that child have a drink in her hand???  Where's her mother!

I'm wearing my Heart of the Ocean necklace.  Luckily, there were no icebergs in sight

At The Crypt:  A very cool gothic-themed bar.

My photo shoot.  I took what I learned from the model in Paris back with me.

More pictures to come!!!

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  1. Love the pictures and of course the stories. I can't wait to see more photos!



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