Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good news from scan results

I haven't posted in a while, and was planning on my next several posts being about the cruise Joss and I just returned from, but got news from the doctor today to share.

I had a CAT scan yesterday, and got the results today.  My doctor said "someone has been praying for you."  It appears that all of the tumors and splatters of cancer in my lungs are no longer visible.  Apparently this means:
- The chemo of the past 3 months has had a good effect
- I am currently considered "in remission"
- I still need to remain on chemo for the majority of the rest of my life
- My 5 year survival changes have increased from 4% to 15-20%
- There is now a higher chance that I have more than the 2 years that was my previous prognosis
- I can take a break from the nastiest chemo and remain on two of the lighter ones for the next 6 months
- I can take my chemo in pill form for the next 3 months so will not need to go in as often

I'm confused about why I am still considered "terminal" if they can no longer see any cancer.  I asked about this, but got confusing information that sounded something like this:  "I wish I had a crysal ball and could tell you it won't come back, or when it will and how long you have.  The fact that you responded so well to the chemo is a good thing.  Your genetics, however, will re-create cancerous cells, and they change and get immune to chemos."

So my confused interpretation of this is that I will have some more time "healthy" than thought, but need to stay on chemo to keep it away as long as possible.  I have learned that this journey will be a rollercoaster, and at some point I will get bad news again, but for now this is good news. 

Although it is a bit frustrating to have circumstances constantly change, and not know what is going to happen, and when, or how long I have, I realized this evening that life is supposed to be that way.  I'm not really supposed to know how long I have.  Yet having a slight insight into the method of my demise, but not full information is still frustrating. 

Lastly, although there are no words to adequately express my appreciation, I want to thank ALL of you for your concern, and prayers.  My doctor said that a reaction to chemo this good is VERY rare, and I know that I got this gift because of the many people (some I know and some I don't) who have been  praying for me.  I am a more spiritual than religious person, but I do believe in a Creator, and I do believe in the power of prayer, and thank you all deeply and humbly.  And, of course, I thank God! 

I will, of course, continue to post updates as I get new news, and will be posting about the cruise soon, and the shenanagans that Joss and I got into.    How do you spell shenanigans, anyway? 

Love you all!
Do something fun today!  Play a game, buy new shoes, get a facial, have a shot of tequila with lunch, or nibble on baby toes (my favorite activity).


  1. Praise God for answered prayers! You're in His hands, girlfriend, and there's no better place to be. Nothing's too hard for God! Your doc even knew where to give credit.

    And yeah, girlie, we're not supposed t'know when we're leaving this life. That's why we've got to be And for all the nows that follow!

    I love you, sweet friend. Awesome news. Just awesome news.


  2. That is fantastic news! We will all continue to keep you in our prayers. I'm looking forward to hearing/reading about the cruise.

  3. GREAT NEWS!!! Alot of people are thinking of you. Hope you are feeling well also. The weeker chemo (hopefully) won't be so taxing on your body.
    Keep up the good work. You are definitly a fighter keep on chugging!!!




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