Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chemo bites too!

It's 5:43 Thursday morning, and I haven't slept a wink since 6 this morning. I've been tossing and turning for hours, and finally accepted the fact that I am not going to sleep tonight, and got up to poke around. Today I learned that my recent nighttime fidgeting is attributed to the chemo, and that today's dose may increase that. Yep. I already suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (a/k/a "jimmy legs") so it's quite uncomfortable. Not to mention I am having to wear gloves and socks because of the cold sensitivity one of my chemos causes. I cannot turn the heat up because I am always so hot, so even "room temperature" foods and drinks are too cold. I had to nuked some juice for 20 seconds and that made it drinkable, though not nearly as refreshing. I am also cloudy headed and having body aches in my back, legs, and ankles. The effects from the last treatment were not nearly as uncomfortable, and the nurse told me the effects should not be cumulative because it should clear out of my system between one treatment and the next, but I am definitely having more trouble this time. Maybe I will call the Dr. later and ask her why.

Here's some good news though... My Dr. said that she will be able to move some chemo dates around so that Joss and I will be able to go on a mother/daughter cruise in January. We are hoping to go January 23, for 7 days, visiting Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. As long as she can survive that long without James, we are going to have a blast!! She is in the process of getting her passport, and then we will book.  I am very excited about it. My Mom and I went on one and it's some of my best memories.  We had such a great time -- just me and her, laughing hysterically about 18 hours a day.  Joss and I will surely laugh at least as much. 

And more good news... Joss and I were talking today about having a "Pink Poker Party."  A very pink and girly poker night.  We'll have snacks, and cosmos or something, and play poker for chic-prizes.  Anyone interested?  Please let me know if so.  My fear in planning parties is always that no one will come.  I'll make it fun, I promise!

Well my alarm is going off in the bedrooms, so I guess it's time to get up for work.  Unfortunately I don't think I am going to make it today - at least not this morning...which sucks because I was excited about the new phones we are getting today.  Luckily I am blessed with the absolute best and most understanding and supportive workplace.

OK, I'm off to turn off the alarm, and then watch Married With Children.  Maybe I'll make some cocoa too.  Today's challenge:  do something that makes you smile. Wear a tiara, stand with your back to the door in the elevator, color in a coloring book, buy yourself some flowers...anything :)
I love you all.

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  1. I've not played a lot of poker and that was a long time ago, but your 'pink poker party' sure sounds like lots of fun! Oh, having two phones on our desks makes us look important!



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