Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yeah, I'm still here...

Not a whole lot of fun going on lately, so my posts have been few and far between.  I did, however, finally have my reversal surgery, and am healing up very well.  I went in the hospital on a Wednesday, was sneaking down to the cafeteria by Friday, came home on Saturday, and was at work on Tuesday. 

The rollout of new computers at work is going well, and I hope to be done within a month.  The project has kept me quite busy since returning to work, so I've hardly seen the J's at all in the past two weeks.  I did, however, catch a glipse of James standing on his own, while the kids were over last weekend.  It was the cutest thing; he looked like an old man in his stance.  Joss reports that the whole household was sick last week, but they all seem to be better now. 

I am very eager to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, and hope to do that this weekend, or early in the week.  Anyone wanna join me??  Seriously - let's have a movie night.  That would be fun!  Call me...392-6788.

I received sad news from Maine this week.  Sadly, my Dad's goat Lucy died.  :(  There are some pictures of Lucy in my posts from Maine in December.  She was sweet and super cute, and my Dad, Diane and I are sad about this.  This has been an especially hard few months for my Dad and Diane, as they also had to put down their sweet black dog, Shadow, whom they loved very much.  Have a drink for Lucy and Shadow.

Joss made me the most delicous chocolate-mint cake last week!  Thanks Joss!  It was a little late for "chocolate mint day," which my last post informed you was on February 19, but it was super yummy!

A few other interesting days that are coming up are:

Today - 3/13 National Open An Umbrella Indoors day
3/16 Lips Appreciation day
3/18 Awkward Moments day
3/25 Kick Butts day
3/26 Make Up Your Own Holiday day
3/30 Pencil day
and my favorite:  3/31 National She's Funny That Way day
Be sure to celebrate these, and every day! 

Alas, this is what my posts have been reduced to:  News of chocolate mint cakes, and random days from a quirky calendar.  Might as well throw in my shock at Lily being eliminated from Idol, and mention that I'm hoping for Crystal Bowersox to win.  But I promise, betters posts will come.  As soon as the work project is done, I plan to take a couple more trips, and will be sure to find something to tell you about.


  1. Torikins, your blog is never boring...and seeing you feeling well and bopping around the office at breakneck speeds is awesome. You've come a long way, baby. And you've just begun.

  2. I agree posts are never boring. I still look forward to them and am inspired by you.
    Wish I could stop by for movie night.
    And I hope Crystal Bowersox wins too



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