Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well, I have been in Greensboro for several weeks in a row now. I am definitely getting antsy but mostly because, I have recently realized, I have been traveling so much to escape what I am facing. Running away in a sense. Is that bad though? What is the harm in avoiding thinking about things?

When I found out I would be going in a pill form of chemotherapy for a few months, I had considered going back to Europe, it may be my last chance to. I decided against it and it is probably a good thing that I did since I ended up in the hospital last week. But now I am really wishing I were there.

My hospital visit lasted 5 days. I had a lot of swelling in my face and neck, and could not breathe well. I went to the emergency room at 3 am Tuesday because I thought it was congestive heart failure. Turned out I have a blood clot around the port that was implanted for chemo. The port goes into my heart but the risk was that the blood clot would reach my lungs, not heart. I don't really understand this, but whatever. They took the port out and put me on blood thinners.

I have not started the chemo that I was supposed to start last week because of the blood clot incident. Now my doctor wants to wait until the blood thinner level is regulated properly before starting me on it. This concerns me a bit because this means at least seven weeks off of chemo, and last time I went twelve weeks, tumors came back pretty bad.

In other news, James is becoming quite the clown. He does this silly thing where he puts his head on the floor and crawls around smiling. Every few seconds he looks up and laughs, and then puts his head back down and does it again. I don't know what the heck that kid is thinking but it is so funny. He has also learned to say "that" and points to EVERYTHING and says "that."

That's it for now.

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